Friday, July 17, 2015

Abilities Expo 2015

Abilities Expo 2015 is here!
Hello, how's it going?
K well, I've been interested in going to my closest Abilities Expo for a while now, which is the one in Houston. I really thought I was going to be able to go this year to see and learn about all that's out there for the disabled community. I wanted to see some sport events with disabled players in person. I also heard there would be an affordable gadgets booth that would sell things to help everyday life easier for us, like a jar opener invention, I don't know about you but that stuff excites me, anything that can help my independence gets my attention. I'm not gonna lie I also wanted to go for the beauty tips/makeover booth they say they will have.
But...big BUT, it's only been a couple of months since I got a job. Recently, I asked for some sick days off and soon I'm going to ask for some vacation days to go on a trip which falls too close to the Expo dates. I think as a new employee I should limit my day off requests to a minimum.
But, just because I can't make it doesn't mean you can't, here is a link with the info on Abilities Expo's official webpage if you are interested in going to one of the Expos. I hope I didn't share this info too late for y'all to make plans to go. If you do go have fun on my behalf too.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Stay Busy and Inspired

It's been a while, I have been busy doing a little personal growth, but I'm taking the time to share some good links and organizations I have personally taken advantage of and recommend. Most of these websites are promoting upcoming events, that's why I'm making this post before I forget to share. Some sites offer recreational events, some offer employment assistance, group support, some offer information on medical equipment. But if you're all equipped, comfy and busy; you are also welcome to donate to some of these sites that offer non- profit assistance. I hope you are all doing well, maybe next time I'll share helpful websites in a more international level. Thank you for all your comments and circle adds. STAY STRONG, FIGHTING!!!
Update: I got the job.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Chasing Dreams

A few months ago I finally had the chance to receive a workers permit and have a legal permit to reside in the U.S, which was one less obstacle in my life to worry about. Since then, I have been attempting to see how much I can do. I went and took some night classes, to be certified as an office assistant, I got in contact with a local rehab service to assist me with job placement, from there I got into a training/volunteering position in a busy downtown hotel.
I don't know exactly how far I will go or what is going to happen next but this is the reason why I haven't answered any comments some people have sent me.
I am aware of the huge opportunity I have been given, not everyone in our shoes gets a chance like I have right now.
I like my coworkers, they treat me well, my manager is one in a million, I was very lucky. I'm still learning and some days I feel like "I'm not worthy." Still I keep going because it would be ungrateful for me not to continue after so many people have invested their time in helping me and teaching me. I truly am part of EOE, a lot of businesses say they are EOE and even participate in job fairs to employ disabled people but from what I've heard from people in the know, is that it's all just a front to make their companies look involved in the community, very rarely someone gets hired.
After my training period is over, I've heard from my employment counselor my manager likes me very much and maybe I will get hired. If I do get hired permanently it would be good, I am still wondering if I really do like customer service though, it seems my heart is always tugging for something more creative. I'm not an artist but I always enjoy working with my hands and imagination more than talking with people but then again, being comfortable only means I am not pushing myself enough to be involved. I can always do more than one thing with my life, create and follow. It's not like it will be easy to find another employer as accepting as the one I've found already.
Customer service isn't easy but if I can do this, I will learn so much and build a good reputation as a worker. It's a win-win situation, I put in my best efforts and receive great references. This is still just the beginning of this step in my life, so....
let's see what happens and thank you for all the kind messages and compliments from readers here, I didn't expect anybody to actually follow me, thanks.
Btw, don't forget about your local ADA celebrations, its that time of the year again and please don't get discouraged, we wouldn't be here if we couldn't handle what life throws at us, but just don't give up and accept defeat. FIGHTING!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Push Girls and Do It

Here is two videos worth watching.

Push Girls
Aside from all the makeup and show biz sensationalism added to this show, I think it motivates. Respect individuals, respect yourself and love life.

The Do It Center

I'm not moving to Washington to attend this center yet I like their promo video. I just came across this video, looks to be a few years old but the stories still inspire. They reminds me how much I appreciate all invented assistive technology for those who need it and good role models in our communities.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Parks and a Hero

Does Kidd Kraddick ring a bell to you? He passed away yesterday, he was a radio personality, sweet hearted person, advocate for the disabled and terminally ill kids. I am in shock, I listened to his show in the mornings, he died at a fundraising event for a trip to take 50 disabled or chronically ill children to Disney World. He knew people with disabilities personally, relatives. As one of his fans, he will be missed.
But as some heroes leave to shine elsewhere, others are still here to make a difference. I have been planning to make it out to a very special place. San Antonio is the home to Morgan's Wonderland, a one of a kind place. I'm letting my readers know about it in case you know someone who might like to visit this park. It's a theme park product of a father's love and yearning to make his daughter Morgan, who is disabled, feel included and at home with others like herself. It's not Disney maybe better though ;) They specialize in making visitors around the world plan, feel welcome, included and safe. Take care friends.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A.D.A. Celebration Pics

Hi, today was a hot one here in Texas but not hot enough for me to be a no-show at the A.D.A. celebration held at my city. I said hi to some familiar faces and met new ones as well. I had a good time, despite the heat. Here are some pictures as promised :)

The event was held at the University of Texas of San Antonio.
 Exhibitors, staying cool and refreshed, handed out useful information.
 Other attendants listened to speakers and stuck around for prize drawings.
 There was so much pamphlets and information, bags filled up fast.

Here's me with one of beary nice new friend. 
 Take care, hope you're having a great weekend!!!