Saturday, July 27, 2013

A.D.A. Celebration Pics

Hi, today was a hot one here in Texas but not hot enough for me to be a no-show at the A.D.A. celebration held at my city. I said hi to some familiar faces and met new ones as well. I had a good time, despite the heat. Here are some pictures as promised :)

The event was held at the University of Texas of San Antonio.
 Exhibitors, staying cool and refreshed, handed out useful information.
 Other attendants listened to speakers and stuck around for prize drawings.
 There was so much pamphlets and information, bags filled up fast.

Here's me with one of beary nice new friend. 
 Take care, hope you're having a great weekend!!!


  1. Great post, Claudia! So far, my weekend is good.

    1. Thanks :)
      Good, I'm glad, let me know if you blog online too, I would love to read and comment.