Thursday, July 18, 2013

Countdown to Celebrating the A.D.A.

Hello all. This post will unintentionally be targeted mostly to people living in the States. As many of you might know the disabled community has protective laws and equality rights. The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed in July 26, 1990, and now in many cities events are held to celebrate the anniversary.
In my city I have already been invited to a celebration, where a pep rally and education and employment resources from 50 exhibitors will be at hand to provide information or applications for people attending. There will be inspirational speakers and award honorees for their involvement with organizations aimed toward the handicapped.
This will not be my first time attending and I always meet knew faces or run into old friends. I also see great performances from people and groups who they themselves are sometimes disabled. It's a day I get to mingle and feel a camaraderie with others.
Fingers crossed I will be attending this years annual Americans with Disabilities Act celebration too on July 27. I will let you all know how it went and share pictures. It's a meaningful day to educate spectators and the public on how we are willing and hard working people. I support these events because I think its good to let young disabled children and youth know that there is places and people that want to see us play a role in a productive community.
If you didn't know about this Act don't feel bad, I myself didn't know about it for some years, I came to know about it through a support group with a local organization called S.A.I.L.S. They are the organization running the celebration in my city here in Texas.
S.A.I.L.S. is an organization that helps the disabled obtain resources to become independent individuals. Some people I've heard about and might be attending this year, I don't know for certain, is past honorees, whose story and website I want to share with you all. I hope I get to run into them and shake their hand. So find out by calling local organizations in your state to see if there will be an event held and join in the celebration.
I also have other amazing people I want you all to learn about but I think I will save that for later. There is also some personal developments I will soon be able to share too but I will also hold that off, till I get the whole scoop myself.
Thank you all so much for reading and hello to all my new secret readers, please don't be shy to sign up and follow me.

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