Sunday, July 28, 2013

Parks and a Hero

Does Kidd Kraddick ring a bell to you? He passed away yesterday, he was a radio personality, sweet hearted person, advocate for the disabled and terminally ill kids. I am in shock, I listened to his show in the mornings, he died at a fundraising event for a trip to take 50 disabled or chronically ill children to Disney World. He knew people with disabilities personally, relatives. As one of his fans, he will be missed.
But as some heroes leave to shine elsewhere, others are still here to make a difference. I have been planning to make it out to a very special place. San Antonio is the home to Morgan's Wonderland, a one of a kind place. I'm letting my readers know about it in case you know someone who might like to visit this park. It's a theme park product of a father's love and yearning to make his daughter Morgan, who is disabled, feel included and at home with others like herself. It's not Disney maybe better though ;) They specialize in making visitors around the world plan, feel welcome, included and safe. Take care friends.

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