Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Monday

What's so great about Mondays? you say. Eh, well in my case I didn't struggle too much to get out of bed today, I woke up quite well, already thinking about a festive breakfast to prepare for myself- which turned out savory but not as colorful as I had imagined, which is alright my stomach had no complaints.
Something else I woke up craving was a mini crafting project. How do you feel on the up-cycling/ re-using movement? I think its something worth practicing as often as you can remember. There is this Mexican tamarind candy that is sold in small clay mugs. Having eaten some, there was a couple of empty identical mugs, I repainted one to make it stand out. I think it came out cute and I might use it to store buttons.
Yesterday I found two very inspiring websites aimed toward the disabled community, remember just because one is disabled, it doesn't mean you are alone. I will leave a link to them, they are worth checking out.
 Some modifications and rethinking may be needed to make our days active, productive or simply happy but its possible. Hope you're well, thank you to everyone visiting my blog, would love to hear your thoughts.

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